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Default Re: Open Letter to RIM From One of Their Execs & RIM's Response to It!

Originally Posted by Jack T. Chance View Post
That's just my pet name for the "JesusPhone", has been ever since it came out. Where it comes from is the actions of the rabid Apple Zombies that were all over internet forums during the first year or 2 after the product's introduction. Most of them were the type of people that, upon calling Tech Support, would be found to have a PEBCAK* error of the ID-10-T variety!

It also stems from my distaste for Apple's desire to have draconian control over what you can and can't do with your device and the data on it. Which is also why I don't like Verizon Wireless, either.

I refuse to own an iPod for the same reasons. I HATE DRM with a passion. I use a Sandisk Sansa MP3 player so that I have full control of my digital music files and what I do with them, not the manufacturer of my device. But then again, I also still buy my music the old-fashioned way... on CDs, and then rip it myself at the bit-rate I prefer, rather than just buying the albums on iTunes pre-ripped at 128 kbps, which sounds like CRAP to me.

*Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard.
I have news for you, the iphone may have been a curiosity when it first came out, but now it has over taken and surpassed the BB in almost every way. Keep clinging to the past, but the iphone is what a smartphone should be.
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