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Default Re: MDS browser useless unless you force "Disable other browser services" ?

Thanks. Yes, I read the article.
I do not agree however, that this something which simplifies everthing, and I do not agree, that this "leverages the optimal transport available at any given time, to ensure optimal performance and minimal impact to the cellular network".

This reduces the fuctionality to IBS only, with the exeption of the network where the BES is hosted, or only WiFi or only MDS.

instead of creating something with less features and calling it good and innovative, A much more userfriendly way would have been:
implement a user selectable but policy overridable browser transport priority list.
keep the BB5 OS browsers feature to tie browser transport, java settings and Browser ID string to a bookmark.
If a selected transport is not availible, kindly ask the user if it is ok to switch to a different availible transport in the priority of the priority list, or if the user has given previously his ok to automatically switch, then just switch
Add a status line which displays the currently selected transport on top of the window.
Add a manual switch to the browser.

The more I think about what RIM actually did here, the more this is going to be a rant.

Not only, that this is a step back towards less advanced systems like iphone & googlephone.
It adds headache for the Administrators, because the configuration is not easy
It makes the Device less secure because the default behaviour is to access the internet itself.
And finally if you want configure the Browser transport in a way that it is secure, the user is unable to choose a different transport if needed.

Add the Mobile Safari which will always zoom to page view after every new link you click on a device like the 9700 which is not able to display something useful here.
Of course, even a hard core advocate of blackberry like me will start to think about getting an iphone. Because the redering of web-pages is the same, but, it goes faster.

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