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Originally Posted by Cooper View Post
Jack, did you ever think that English is not this guy's native language and that he probably spent quite a while just typing the thing out? Maybe he doesn't have an English spelling and grammar checker, maybe if he even did have them he wouldn't necessarily know which corrections to actually make, nor did he have someone more proficient to help him proof it.

He's an independent developer who just wanted to get a story and an opinion out. He's not a writer, his first language is not English.

He isn't technically a business man so I'm not too sure where you're going with your comments to his poor grammar and spelling. I read it, I got what he was saying and I applaud him for writing such an in-depth article when nobody asked him to.

Hell.. my spell checker in FireFox tells me to capitalize English, I didn't think languages needed capitalization but the spell checker thinks I'm talking about the actual people.

I just don't get what your criticism is about, "it's a great article but any possible credibility it had is now out the window because of grammar and spelling"?
It's just one of my biggest pet peeves that the English-speaking world's standards in regards to spelling and grammar are being rapidly eroded by the internet age.

Oh and he's a Software Developer whose job is developing software to meet a client's needs. Clients hire him to develop the software they need. That's the very definition of a business man. He's in BUSINESS to serve his clients' needs. So I disagree with your assessment that he "isn't technically a business man." He also stated that he's been in the business for 30 years. He's a "lifer", been doing this awhile.
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