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Default Re: Open Letter to RIM From One of Their Execs & RIM's Response to It!

They aren't lazy. And they aren't stupid. Maybe they lack the necessary imagination, but they no doubt work hard and they're intelligent.

I have mixed feelings. The one thing I'm almost sure of is that RIM's concept of the purpose of their device is entirely different than the way their competion views their own products. And I doubt RIM can produce a BlackBerry that appeals to the masses and still works for those who chose BlackBerry in the first place and have stayed with it because of what it does for them. I just don't know if it is even possible. Maybe it is. I don't know anything.

A long time ago, in the days just before and just after the 8100 was released, when the forum was being flooded with new members who were buying new BlackBerrys and some just any BlackBerry they could find, and so many of them were disappointed. Some of the complaints were just stupid, as in expecting laptop peformance and browsing experience, or full featured media players. My fond memory is the time zone issue... "You mean I have to change the time zone manually? Even my stoopid Nokia knows what time zone I'm in for cripes sake." But many of the complaints were along the lines of interacting freely, without limitations, with other devices, such as via bluetooth. The crack, "I could do that with my..." was made a dozen times a day, easily. The fact that the BlackBerry was locked down and for good reason was just beyond these new members. The overall point is, for these users, what they were looking for and what they assumed they were getting was not BlackBerry.

I remember thinking back then that RIM should have started a diffent brand for the masses and not tried to make everyone happy with the one. I don't know. I don't know if RIM is in the spot they are in because they just misread what customers wanted and didn't see and understand what Apple and Google did 5-10 years ago. Or is there really even a large market for the BlackBerry concept?
- Ira

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