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Default Re: Open Letter to RIM From One of Their Execs & RIM's Response to It!

I don't understand. RIM is way older on the smartphone market than Apple or Google and should have a bigger experience, especially cause it had fought Palm and windows mobiles in the past. They had seen it yet they decided to ignore the possibilities of a turn around.
Apple and Google had designed products for the mass but are incorporating it for corporations, while they dont achieve the corps they have the mass that support them. RIM in the other hand have the corps but havent survived the mass and is slowly loosing the corps which supports them. I cant say they will loose it but they better work more to get a better fight.
Im no developer (shouldn't really comment) but can't understand why would be so difficult to implement a OS for both users and companies. Just a few tweaks on the OS made remotely by the admins allowing and not allowing a few things should be more than enough. Would it be so hard to get it to work? I heard that OS7 would be tweakable so corporate users can enjoy more their smartphones and I guess that would be just about the solution.
Still, this does not rectify for the long time that is being taken to develop QNX to their smartphones or the time it takes for them to put their devices on the market... If that isnt bad management what would it be? What are the reasons for the other companies to be advancing in such a pace while RIM is somehow stuck?
Its not a rant and like most Im a customer just looking for the best of the company and trying to understand what is happening. Will they wait for another company to take over their enterprise service to start acting? By there it will be to late...
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