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Default Re: Open Letter to RIM From One of Their Execs & RIM's Response to It!

I know you don't understand. In my opinion I think you are making assumptions that aren't necessarily factual and then drawing conclusions that don't even follow.

I started to ask how old you were and then posted by accident before I could finish. The reason I ask is to gauge how much you've observed in your life. It came up on another thread that Apple was almost dead at one point but arose from the death bed when it brought back Jobs. The company that pretty much created the desktop computer nearly died and then came back to reinvent another market or two or three.

What new market have you created? What market have you reinvented? None? Why not? Are you lazy? Not to bright? Or maybe you are intelligent and work hard, but you just don't see what those others see. You can't build it or develop it or design it if you don't first imagine it.

The other point I made above is concept. RIM had a great concept, and I think it still does. Maybe it is like pickup trucks, or jeeps. You ever have one? They are popular in the U.S. The F-150 was the highest selling vehicle at one point in the U.S. and Ford probably still sells a lot of them. But it is still a truck. Ford and the others put nice sounds systems in them, power everything, nice upholstery...but it is still a truck. Many people want a truck because they need a truck, though not a lot of people as a fraction of all vehicle owners. And of course there are many who buy a truck or jeep because many others are doing the same, and then they realize their truck or jeep is just a damn truck or a damn jeep, and what they want is a sedan, or a sports car, or a sedan that performs like a sports car ...

Experience and smarts are necessary, but imagination is the biggie.

And I also think RIM has been trying to dress up a truck and sell it to people who will buy a dressed up truck but don't really need or want one.

Maybe RIM will stay on course, maybe survive in a niche, or not. Maybe instead it will evolve the BlackBerry brand to be whatever the lowest common denominator consumer wants. I don't know. I wish they were capable of making trucks, and sedans, and sports cars, and SUV's, and I could still buy a damn truck. Time will tell.

And, oh yeah, I think the reports of iOS and Android making inroads in the business space are being overblown. The business space is not some homogenized entity, not even within a given organization. It shouldn't be surprising that some business or professional person who has been using a truck all along because that was the best there was would switch to a four door sedan with smooth, quite ride when given the opportunity. But make no mistake, there are and will continue to be people who want and need a truck.

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