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Default Re: Open Letter to RIM From One of Their Execs & RIM's Response to It!

Dallas, I do get it. Don't nitpic what I'm saying.

First, back in that earlier time frame, the time zone issue was silly to me in the passion it provoked. There were probably two or three posts a week on average, and sometimes more than one per day. Just as today, nobody searches, and the time zone complainers were hot about this shortcoming. It colored their whole outlook on the BlackBerry. I just thought it was a small deal, and yes, a stupid complaint. If you were one who was complaining about it back then, I have no problem saying again, it was a little, a very little deal.
Today, the automatic feature nice. It is an improvement, and RIM did it right. Not like for a colleague who almost missed an early morning flight because a bug with a local tower or something reported the wrong time and his dumb iphone changed the time without warning and his alarm was an hour off.

Second, I never mentioned BES, you did. And locked down probably has a different meaning for you than I meant it. Re-read my post in the full context of what I was saying about my thoughts that RIM should have created another brand. You are making assumptions about what I'm referring to and what exactly I mean when I'm talking generally about years reading the forum and people complaining about stuff compared to their experiences with a prior device.

Many times I read the back and forth in a thread like I'm referring to and I think to myself that I'm happy the BlackBerry is the way it is, and I wouldn't want it to be the way the complainer would want it to be. It is for those people that I sometimes think it would have been better for RIM to have created a different brand instead of trying to sell them BlackBerrys.

I've never said BlackBerry is superior. It is what it is. It has a different focus. It works for me. Use what works best for you. And look at the entirety of a post instead of needling this and that little point.
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