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Default Re: Open Letter to RIM From One of Their Execs & RIM's Response to It!

Sorry. No. I didn't intend that I think the later complaints were stupid or invalid. I'm responding to another post and I say I have mixed feelings, and why, and how my thinking has developed. I was trying to draw a distinction between what I view as overblown types of complaints and those complaints that are valid maybe for some types of users. And the additional point I'm am making is that from my perspective those later things that peoplle were complaining about, like the hassels of BT file transfers, BT transfers of contact lists, etc. were on purpose. My memory on the exact complaints is a jumble. Suffice it to say my impression after reading both sides of the debate is I was left with the impression that what the complainers had a problem with is the way it is for a reason, and it made sense to me. You can say it doesn't make sense, fine. I'm not arguing the point.

Also, not to beat a dead horse, on the time zone thing, it was the whole issue and how the complainers, in my opinion, were making a mountain out of a mole hill. The fact that RIM later added the automatic feature doesn't mean it was a mountain. Stupid probably wasn't the right word for me to use. I'll say the whole argument back then was rediculous, in my opinion.

My thought that RIM maybe should have created a different brand may be dumb. I admitted as much myself. Or, by idea of brand may be close to your idea of line, except I'm thinking different name for the other line. You and others say RIM can and should satisfy everyone with BlackBerry. I'm not convinced. All I know is what I read and the little of that which I can understand.

I thought my profile was obvious, but maybe not. I'm a user, a consumer, with average or above average experience with computers and BlackBerry. But consumers are not some group of exactly like minded people. I don't use BES, don't want it, but neither to I want an open device, if open is what I think it is. I value security way more than convenience. When I read about rooting android devices and jailbreaking iphones, I think no thanks. Not that an iphone appeals to me, but if Apple can't prevent jailbreaking, why should I consider buying an iphone? Maybe I don't understand, but I go with what I think I do understand, and my priorities.

You say, I guess, that we can both have what we want in a BlackBerry if RIM would just make it so. I'm not sure.
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