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Default Re: RIM Could Be Preparing A Superphone

Originally Posted by touritalo View Post
I saw this and thought well with all the doom and gloom that seems to dominate news about RIM how about some good news for a change?!

RIM Could Be Preparing A 4.3" Superphone

Whether it is true is another matter, but if RIM can bring out a superphone then as it does say in the article - the competition should start to worry a bit!

I personally think 4.3" is possibly too big, 4" would be big enough I think.
Personally, even 4" is too big for me. Dang, if you want a tablet, go get a tablet! The announced specs for the Torch 2 are a 3.17" screen, and for me for a phone, that's plenty big.
Originally Posted by jsconyers View Post
So, basically, as Penguin stated, by the time it is released, the others will have game changers.
Gotta love it. So according to you, I guess RIM should just close up shop today and be done with it, because no matter what they do, "the others will have game changers." Once ahead, always ahead, huh? Go back and look at your (recent) history, son, that statement's rather absurd.
Originally Posted by Dubdub View Post
Actually, I prefer a device that works for me and has a battery that will last at least a full day without recharging. Is that too much to ask for in a super-duper-nano-speedofheat device?
Originally Posted by knottyrope View Post
what good is any phone if you cant use it once the battery is dead?

with all the security breaches and such on almost all the other phones, why would anyone use them?
Exactly! I play golf with a guy who's company just gave him one of those nifty new phones with the huge, hi-res screens and Android. We use the exact same, identical golf GPS app (GolfLogix). If we both start with fully-charged batteries, after nine holes his phone and its beautiful screen are almost dead. After the full eighteen holes, my Torch still has about 50-60% battery left. Which phone is better? I know my answer - and he agrees with me - especially on the back nine!

My Torch has a screen large enough for most everything I do, and therefore has sufficient battery life to actually DO all that stuff!
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