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Default Re: RIM Could Be Preparing A Superphone

Originally Posted by DallasFlier View Post
Gotta love it. So according to you, I guess RIM should just close up shop today and be done with it, because no matter what they do, "the others will have game changers." Once ahead, always ahead, huh? Go back and look at your (recent) history, son, that statement's rather absurd.
You're pretty good at nitpicking comments and putting words into other's mouths. You've done it to Ira about BES and so forth. Please show me where in my comment that I said RIM should close up shop? I am just saying, the hardware that is rumored to be used in this upcoming "superphone" is already on the market today. My current phone has better hardware than this rumored "superphone". So going by that, by the time this device is released, it will be behind the edge. That doesn't mean RIM cannot come out with another device that is competitive. I sincerely hope they do. But at the rate they're moving, it is highly unlikely.

Also, show me where I said once ahead, always ahead. I don't recall ever stating that either. Please point out where I made these statements, otherwise, please stop putting words in my mouth. Furthermore, you can continue to make assumptions about my statements, but we all know how that saying goes, and that saying seems to stand true when you assume.
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