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Default Re: BlackBerry vs iPhone

All very true however I would like to add one thing for jhamika. Iphone is a proprietary platform it can only use data and software that are explicitly approved by Apple corp for which the company takes a heafty cut of the sales. Blackberry however is only partly priprietary, the hardware is proprietary (you can not run out and buy a blackberry from dell or acer) and the OS is but beyond that there is nothing proprietary about it. RIM does not control what you can buy and run on the handset like apple does. So if your family likes being under the thumb of a big muti-national company who dictates what you can see and use then thats fine. Berries are better for people that don't like to be controlled.

Personally I have equated the use of apple products with a personality defect it seems to me that anytime I run into anyone with an apple anything they think that they have a patent of truth any anyone who doesn't do what they do as needing their head examined. They seem to think that they are the only ones with any sense in their heads. I have learned over the years life is never like this, its a bunch of greys and whats right for one is not necessarily the best for someone else, as jsconyers puts it so well. I don't argue with these people their is no sense. My own parents have the personality defect and I don't listen to them in matters concerning computers. At home I do not allow any proprietary anything, therefore apple has been baned from the network.

However lets recognize the Anroid is a lot more non-proprietary then blackberry is.

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