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Originally Posted by lgreenberg
You either need to have the wap.cingular APN enabled on your account by paying for Wireless Internet Express Pay Per Use or sign up with an Exchange hosting service like and use their MDS proxy.
And if you time has any value to you, you will do what Igreenberg and I did, and get a hosted BES. I use link2exchange, because you can get some minimal support for MACs, but the deal with these services is pretty much the same. For $20/month, you don't have to spend several hours/month on the phone with the 611 cretins at cingular trying to figure out your bill.

Unfair? Something Cingular should do for free? Absolutely! However, if you just want to solve your problem and get on with life, invest the $20/month and be free.

If you do a search, you see a few threads with Tmo vs Cingular arguments. This has little to do with me, since I can't get Tmo where I live. YMMV.