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Default Re: Same Router - Two Blackberries - One UMA and One Not ??

Originally Posted by John Clark View Post
Um, no its NOT lousy troubleshooting but thanks for your opinion. I have had the very same problem with a Linksys wrt54gs router that wwould work fine with one BB connected but when I tried to connect a second it would drop the first. After much troubleshooting, thinking it was a device problem what finally fixed it was loading dd-wrt on the router (essentially a new/different router). It is imperative that the router have its firmware up to date and even still problems can arise from certain routers.

I have two Dell D820 laptops. They have the same wireless cards in them. One connects to my Linksys router just fine. The other drops the connection quite often. Turns out its a known problem between Linksys routers and this particular Intel wireless card.

So, its not uncommon to have problems with certain routers that seem like they are device problems.
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John, I know you've been one of the most helpful folks around here for many years, and are respected for the time and assistance you have and continue to provide. So, I kind of hesitate to argue with you - but as a very experienced electronics engineer with years of experience - no, THIS problem can't hardly be the router. I'm very well aware of the WRT54G(S-L) line, and DD-WRT (and Tomato, which I run on mine as well as several others I've setup for family/friends.) I'm also well aware of the compatibility issue with certain Intel wireless chipsets (addressed by certain versions of both DD-WRT and Tomato, albeit with certain tradeoffs if you need to support those Intel chipsets.) If one of your laptops is frequently dropping connection, and has one of the particular models of Intel chipsets, then you need to load a DIFFERENT DD-WRT version to fix that issue. The fact that one of yours connects fine and the other does not is likely due to different revisions of the chipset itself, even though the adapter model may be listed as the same for both.

He didn't say when his wife's BB connected that his dropped (like the problem you mentioned.) He said his his connects AND provides UMA (at multiple locations, using different routers by different manufacturers), while his wife's also connects but does NOT provide UMA (also at multiple locations.) Now good troubleshooting technique is to try to substitute different components to narrow down and isolate the problem. If substituting the router for a different one solves the problem, then its appropriate to point fingers at the router. If, however, substituting the BlackBerry (like him effectively substituting his for his wife's) solves the problem, then the problem almost assuredly lies with the device which will not properly operate. The next question I'd ask, is what version of the operating system is each of the two (same model) BlackBerry's running? That should help to narrow it down further. Substitute - isolate - narrow the problem. He's substituted routers (says his BB works with ALL the different brand routers at different locations.) He's substituted devices - HIS work, his wife's does not. That pretty much narrows it to a device problem with his wife's device (BB.) To narrow it down further, check software differences on the two devices. He said his 8900 has "latest OS" but didn't mention whether his wife's does or not. That's the next question to ask.
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