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Default Re: How to Delete user data? 9630

Thanks for the help. I know this phone was not intended for my network. I don't care for two reasons. First, this is not my phone, it's my wife's phone, and she is about tech illiterate as they come. She wants a phone to make calls and to text and that is it. It has to be really simple for her which is why she kept screeming at me every time she pressed 1 to dial her voicemail and it kept calling her friend. I told her just to dial her own phone number, but that was to complicated for her, if you get my drift. My wife wanted this phone, not because it is the best phone for her, but because she liked the way it looked. Get a tech illiterate wife for yourself one day and try to explain to her why the phone she wants won't work right because it's on a different network and all the other stuff that goes along with that. Give it a try! You will end up right where I am at wanted to shoot the stupid phone.

The second reason I don't care is because I don't have a data plan. I actually have all data force blocked by AT&T. Why? because I think it is just plain wasteful and stupid to pay $60 or more a month just to have the convenience checking my facebook when at the store for an hour. I am a certified PC tech and web designer. Any serious web browsing or computer work I am going to do, I will do on one of my two laptops or five self-built quad-core desktops on my extended wifi network, or on a wifi hotspot. I was dirt poor has a child and I think is dumb to pay what the networks are asking for mobile data plans. They can go jump in a lake. When they offer a "Truly" unlimited dependable high speed data plan that includes tethering for $40 a month, I will dump my local ISP and switch to mobile data. Until then I will just watch the suckers out there who can't afford a car payment and are walking because they just can't live with out their overpriced mobile data plan. They might freeze to death on the side of the road because the would not spend $60 on a decent coat, but at least they were able to post a last word to facebook before they died. It's all about priorities!
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