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Default Re: NEW: BlackBerry® Torch™ 9850/9860

Originally Posted by smoothadmin View Post
You are forgetting another BIG carrier in Canada my friend. Rogers Wireless. They are the GSM network which isn't very good in and around Toronto; my Virgin Mobile device (which uses the Bell network) out performs Rogers' wireless devices.
I was referring to CDMA carriers who unlike Verizon (so far) saw the future and overlayed their network with GSM a couple of years ago. Rogers is the biggest mobile network in Canada and saw the light many years ago and embraced GSM years ago.
Interestingly, Bell and Telus still pick up an occasional CDMA product, such as the Blackberry flip, so CDMA is not completely dead on their networks.

As far a network coverage goes, I agree with your observation regarding gsm/hspa penetration. I have been a Roger's mobile customer since it was called Cantel. I kept with them because of the visioniary leadership of Ted Rogers who embraced new technoligy as it evolved, saw the limitations of TDMA and went with gsm well before Bell and Telus. I am impressed, however, at how quickly and well Bell and Telus brought out their gsm/hspa networks.
I have no direct comparisons to make in Toronto, but in a comparison between Bell and Rogers a year ago in a hilly area about an hour and a half north of Toronto, I tested both the Bell turbostick and the Rogers rocketstick. The Bell turbostick was able in my test to grab on and hold a signal better than the Rogers' product. Also in the same area and in a wooded area on the shores of southern Lake Huron, my torch on the Rogers network often goes "sos" meaning that it has lost the Roger's signal and is latching on to the stronger Bell or Telus gsm signal.
I am also not impressed with, in my opinion, the greater promotion which Rogers makes for iPhone as compared to Blackberry. When the torch came out last September Bell stores had lots of promotional signs up for the torch and Rogers had nothing.
If I can last a couple of more years with Rogers when my contract runs out, I will look seriously at Bell and other gsm/hspa/lte cariers who have caught Rogers napping and built a better network.
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