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Default Re: My first blackberry, please help, whatsapp/wi fi settings

Originally Posted by katrinadavid View Post
turning off data, means i cant make or recieve calls and texts?
I have had an after thought, which is below. But to answer the questions....

Turning off data in network options turns off all data, but not voice (and not text, either).

so lets try this, data ON, roaming OFF,
connection preference? i dont know what this means,
connection for internet? or phone calls?
Setting network options to turn data off when roaming leaves data on so long as you are connected to the O2 network. When and if you are on another mobile carrier's mobile network, the device will turn data off.

i just want the phone to connect to wi fi when im in home, automatically.
If you leave wifi turned on, the BlackBerry will automatically connect to a saved wifi profile, according to the priority you have set. And the BlackBerry should use wifi instead of the mobile network, but it might use the mobile network for some data. (But see below.)

when im on street internet shouldnt work, as i only want home wi fi connection allowed, is this not possible?
Frankly, BlackBerrys are not really designed for use the way you want to use it. A BlackBerry is really intended to be used with the BlackBerry network and BlackBerry data services.

"you will have to turn off mobile network " how? data off? when i do this, internet does NOT work.
To repeat, on the applications screen you have an icon that is labled Manage Connections, or similar. It may look like a radio tower. When you click this you should see check boxes for mobile network (which isnthe cellular phone network), wifi, and bluetooth. If you do not see it exactly this way, you should see something similar.

why is the phone using interent data when im on streets? i dont want to do this.
as im not paying for it. my phone plan is just calls and texts, no data usage.

OK, here is the new information. I have thought of something I should have mentioned before, but I'm not 100% sure about it as I do not use a BlackBerry the way you are trying. But take a look at this: Open options using the options (or maybe settings) icon on the applications screen. Then click Advanced Options, then TCP/IP. If you have APN information entered, write down what you see, then delete it, and save the settings.

I think that if you do this you will still be able to use wifi (assuming you have been able to use it all along without a BlackBerry data plan*), but you will not use carrier data because the BlackBerry does not have the APN setting for the connection. That is what I believe. Maybe someone else will confirm. If I am right, you will not need to turn off mobile network. In other words, you do not have a BlackBerry data plan, so you do not have access to BlackBerry data, and you cannot use carrier data if the carrier's APN settings are empty. So I think that will do what you want.

* I say you should be able to use wifi assuming you have already been doing so for this reason. Some carrier's require a BlackBerry data plan in order to use wifi. But not all carrier's. So, if you have been connecting to and using wifi and you do not have a BlackBerry data plan, then I am assuming your carrier does not require it in order to use wifi with third-party apps.
- Ira

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