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Default Re: Another Android Flirtations Comes and Goes

I switched from my BB a couple years ago to an iPhone 3GS and then to an iPhone 4. Last week I upgraded to the Atrix since Best Buy had them free on Wed if you signed a new 2 year contract. Since my wife's cousin who's also one of the managers there has had one for awhile now had been telling me about it and after I played around with it for a day while over at their kids birthday party, I decided to give it a try. So far it's 10x's better then my iPhone as the ONLY time I need to connect it to my computer is to move pictures and music around, other then that I'm so glad not to be tied to the computer for upgrades of the OS and any apps that come out.

Battery life has been great for me so far. I have my gmail and exchange pushing to it through a 3rd party app, since I'm traveling a lot for clients of ours, I'm on it the same as my iPhone and I was charging that between visits and a lot of times while at the client sites. I'm trying to get away from using a laptop to as little as possible when I'm at home but I'll be damned if I'm paying the $300 they want for the docking station. I do have to admit that it's a sweet little thing they have for it after seeing what my wife's cousin can do with his. Of course his Atrix is rooted and mine is stock as can be. I got tired of jailbreaking just so I could have a mail tone that I could actually hear when at home. With my Atrix, I've found that I can have the volume down to 50% and I still hear it even when mowing the lawn. I'm sure I'll find a dock for it on craigslist for under $100 somewhere. I sold my IP4 because my wife didn't want to go through another phone swap even though she could've used it for the facetime to video chat with her mom.

Overall I'm very happy with it. Other the stores not really carrying cases or anything for this as they seem to cater to the EVO croud more then anything. I was able to order a nice case/holster combo online for under $15 shipped on Friday and it just came as I'm typing this. I'll be tossing an invisibleSHIELD on it tonight since one of my team had a spare one that he gave me just too keep the screen nice and clean.

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