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Default Re: Something or Nothing

Hi , thank you for your replies....

I haven't downloaded any apps and have removed my emails from the BB completely....My carrier is GLOBE PHILIPPINES.

When i click my browser, i have bookmarks that i didn't put there and cant remove....these all have myGlobe in the that normal?

My wife would be the only person who could have access to my phone...when i've mentioned problems with my BB to her, she says she doesn't understand about such things....(I'm Brittish and live in Manila, my wife is a Filipna)

When i click on Manage the 2 section, under Set Up, Services and Options....there are four sub headings..Mobile Network Options, Set Up Wi-Fi Network, Bluetooth Connections and Service Status.....then there's another called Options..., now the thing is sometimes its there and other times it isn' this normal?

My wife's carrier is GLOBE as well, although on her screen (BB Curve)..her mobile network is described as Globe Telecom - PH....mine is just GLOBE. I bought the phones and the sims together at the same why the difference?

In my Event always starts with....a System..then -JVM:INFOp=26878165,a='6.0.

And finishes the same way...when i wipe it this is the only thing that's not removed and its written that normal?

In my menu there is a symbol of the sim and its title....Globe Prepaid...when i click on it there are certain things it allows me to do and others it doesn't...when i have clicked on Call Cust allows me to speak to someone then then just cuts of! Not once....every time....there are other functions that i have tried to open and it just says "error" favorites and tracker....

i have tried changing the sim....however its exactly the same....

When i click on security will not allow me to click on the user installed applications box....!

Is there anything unusual about any of the above....there is more,

I may be being a little over cautious here, perhaps even a bit paranoid....however its always stood me in good stead before...and i'm naive enough to think that its out of the question....

There's an expression in Manila....."Only In The Philippines".....nothing can surprise me anymore....

Thank you again for your kind help and advice....starsRbright
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