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Default Re: Use my 83XX in Europe??

Originally Posted by TheBigNewt View Post
I'll be in the UK in Sept. I've got a Tmobile Curve in a drawer, inactive. Can I activate it (month to month) and then use it there for a month? As I recall I could use it via WiFi/UMA and avoid the roaming charges to call the USA. What do I have to do after I get it connected with Tmobile?
What you're thinking doing would frustrate you beyond belief. Let's go for plan B.
Pick up a Tmobile sim pack from the kiosks that can be found around the terminal when you land. Most come with credit preloaded. You can go to a tmob store in the city you're staying and pick one up as well. The ones in store would have no credit so you either have to buy a voucher with a number on a scratchcard thingie topup card or register credit card details with them. (You need an address for this) Get the voucher, pay cash, get out of there. Talktime vouchers come in 5GBP to 50GBP in 5 pounds increments.

Pop the sim in, let it do its thing, call 150 for free, select option 1 then 2. Enter the number on the topup card and now you have credit loaded.
Text MONTHBB to 441 and get a confirmation SMS back that 5 pounds have been taken away and you have BB services for a month.

Although you're on Tmob US make sure you fully unlock the handset before taking off because the network subset lock may not allow for a different country sim even on the "same" carrier.

UMA is a hit n' miss. Orange supports it and t-mob and Orange have now merged in the UK but not all features are available across the infrastructure.
Local roaming between them works in London. Most hotspots available come from BT's Openzone which is also hit n' miss.

My advice would be to ask in the t-mob store for any short term Pay as you Go plan extensions with international minutes (or Boosters as they call them)

have fun.
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