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Default Re: Will you move away from BlackBerry?

I have been using Blackberry for several years now. When I first started using them, I loved the device. At that time there was really nothing comparable. I have always been on BIS and had all e-mail accounts come to my Blackberry. For e-mail, Blackberry still has an edge because of BES, but for me the quirkyness of the internet has been to painful to endure. Android and Apple are growing in capabilities by leaps and bounds while RIM holds on to their quaint little platform. I am coming up on my upgrade in November and there is no doubt I will be changing to one of the new trendsetting devices and putting my Storm2 on e-bay.

My kids also have Blackberry devices that are under contract for another year. I am pretty sure they will be changing as well. I will let them pick whatever they like and maybe RIM will have something that is more practical for the "everyday user market" then. RIM's biggest concern should be, not IF, but WHEN Google and Apple will put them out of business. I will say that this site has been my best resource for problem solving for Blackberry and I appreciate all of the folks on here committed to the service of the Blackberry user.

By the way, I started typing this message on my device and it got so screwed up, I moved to the computer. Best of luck to the RIM faithful.
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