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Default Re: BlackBerry vs iPhone

Originally Posted by georgejo View Post
Your post was kind of pointless. Now, if you had perhaps given some hints as to what sort of considerations one might have, it could be insightful. If all you are going to say is, "it depends", why did you post at all?

I've got a blackberry. For what I currently do, I probably don't really need either a blackberry or an iphone. I browse the internet very rarely and phone text often.

I like the blackberry key pad.

I hate the fact it has all kinds of bugs in it:
-- the ringer doesn't work any more. This happened within less than a year of owning the $600 9000 bold device
-- I already had to replace the wheel on it.

I'd love the gps but I haven't installed it yet.

Pointless?! Well, thanks for your input. Take a look at these forums, there are literally HUNDREDS of threads on this subject that give very detailed reviews of the devices. So, why would I waste my time (and server space) typing out what has been said many times before. Also, there are tons of BlackBerry models and OSes which differ pretty significantly, such as the Storm, Bold, Torch, OS 4.x, OS5, OS6, OS7, etc.

Also, how am I to know what everyone's needs are to write them down. My opinion of a device could be very different than someone else's opinion. As you say, the ringer doesn't work on your device. I have had BlackBerry devices for YEARS, and never had an issue with that. So, I wouldn't have listed that as a complaint of a BlackBerry, and you did. BlackBerrys haven't had a scroll wheel in years either. They moved away from that and to a trackball, which is what I assume you meant. BlackBerrys have since moved away from that and to a trackpad. So, I wouldn't have listed that as a con for a BlackBerry either, but, again, you did. So, as you can see, my review would not have been helpful for you and would have been pointless to you.
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