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Default Re: Hell of Blackberry

Originally Posted by blackberryphone View Post
I just hate blackberry, at my 40s is the worst mobile phone I ever had, they convince me to get the last model because was very "fashion and easier for business things" and is a hell, examples:

1) The quality of pictures or videos is just horrible, you need the perfect light and scenario to get some quality.

2) The touch screen is a hell, for some things too sensible for other things so unsensible and i can not be changing everytime the sensitivity according with the application i will use, is just ridicolous

3) Stupid things like while talking on the phone the "mute" activated because maybe with your face you touched the screen

4) They had put the button "voice dialer" exactly over the hangoff button so if u do it fast exist the risk to touch the screen and activate without knowing the voice dialer and then when you talk the phone calls "alone"

5) When you finally decide to send to hell the mobile and take another not blackberry phone then you can not transfer the contact data from the phone to the sim card, so they make to you difficult the fact of changing the mobile

I dont know how blackberry survive in this market, really, been so unfriendly and stupid thought, someone told me that is because his messenger system otherwise noway to survive. BLACKBERRY GO TO HELL!!!!!
1. p0rn looks pretty good on mine...
2. It does suck whenever I use my big toe to select stuff..
3. This is an enhanced option of the BB to mute ALL calls when connect to girlfriend or wife... Perhaps your phone thinks you are talking to one of them?
4. See #3 above...
5. My avatar is pleased that you'd send him your device...
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