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Default Re: Fixed my "double type" keyboard!

Originally Posted by stevew View Post
Now 2-3 days and working flawlessly, so it really was the ribbon - and only that. Those who say it's software related haven't a clue of what they're talking about.
I assume you mean membrane, not ribbon. I originally thought it was a software problem, but recently I decided that because it often feels different when you get a double click that it must be mechanical. I still think though that they could fix the problem with software, by increasing the key bounce delay that all keyboard drivers have. That would be at the expense of being able to deliberately double click quickly though.
It's also noteworthy that the ribbon is the weak link in the chain and would be prone to failure at some point in the device's life.
We've had lots of Blackberries here for years now, and people often complain about double clicking keys as the phones get older. But it's always limited to one or two keys that are used a lot, especially the trackball/pad key. I think that one's harder to fix, so I try to use the Enter key instead, where possible.

Is the replacement you did possible without voiding warranty? I'd happily pay $14 to get mine fixed quickly, rather than send it away for a few weeks and either have it come back with "no fault detected" or a refurbished replacement phone.
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