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Default Re: EUREKA! I think I know how to save RIM!!

Originally Posted by Jdjeff View Post
You need to re-read the OP's post.
No, we read the post just fine, and we know exactly what the OP is saying. No need to re-read the post. But thanks for the suggestion. That was a suggestion, right, and not a demand?

He's saying he has an idea, and wonders if he should contact RIM and possibly profit from it or just disclose it on the forums and let it percolate.
First, thanks for summarizing the painfully obvious. Second, does that sound like the sort of action a visionary would take? It sure doesn't to me (and others), hence the replies that were given.

I'm all for sarcastic and not at all useful replies...
No you're not, or else you wouldn't have suggested that everyone to stop posting sarcastic and not at all useful replies.

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