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Default Re: Calendar sychronization not working in BES Express 5.03 with Exchange2010 SP1 hos

After getting RIM involved in that issue it turned out the implementation guide ist not yet completed:
our solution was the creating a separete management role for the blackberryservice like this for example:

New-ManagementScope -PartnerDelegatedTenantRestrictionFilter {Name -eq '*'} -Name BESEnabledOrgs

New-ManagementRole -Parent PartnerDelegatedTenantManagement -Name BESEWSAccess

New-ManagementRoleAssignment -Role BESEWSAccess -User svc.bes -CustomConfigWriteScope BESEnabledOrgs

Originally Posted by RainerMaverick View Post

I have an strange issue:
Exchange 2010 SP1 RU5 in multi-tenant mode together with BES Express 5.0.3 MR1 (on two seperate machines)
I am unable to get the calender synchronizsation working. ( mail and contacts are fine)

I tried ewstest.exe and found out that the server can not sucessfully pass the autodiscover test:

default: Initializing EWS Proxy... successful
Administrator: Configuring User... failed
Administrator: Begin inner failure
Administrator: Searching Active Directory for Autodiscover SCP... successful

Administrator: Calling Autodiscover... failed
Administrator: Begin inner failure
Administrator: Trying Autodiscover Service: <internal server name>/ Autodiscover/Autodiscover.xml

As the Webpage as an external certificate, It comes always with an certificate error.

I used following guide to set it up for EWS in KB20157 to enable BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0 to use Microsoft Exchange Web Services
where I used the external link to be fine with my external certificate.

When I list the values with the traittool.exe everything is set to the external link (SCP and EWS).

In the MAGT log is see following lines always without any specific errors:

[40700] (09/22 14:45:01.337):{0x169C} {} Receiving packet from device, size=121, TransactionId=-1581650095, Tag=1276, content type=CICAL, cmd=0x3
[40000] (09/22 14:45:01.337):{0x169C} {}-HandleAppointmentToSynchronize-Entering-Tag=1276
[30193] (09/22 14:45:01.337):{0x169C} {} Receiving calendar update from device, RefId=432589978, Tag=1276, TransactionId=-1581650095
[20216] (09/22 14:45:01.337):{0x169C} {} Synchronize() failed: ERR_FAIL, Tag=1276
[40000] (09/22 14:45:01.337):{0x169C} {}-HandleAppointmentToSynchronize-Exit-rc=Error
[40279] (09/22 14:45:01.337):{0x169C} {} SubmitToRelaySendQ, Tag=1276

Another strange thing which is unclear for me ( I am not sure if it is connected):
I can never get calender entrys from the BES device to the mailbox.
Only when I click on "sychronize calendar" in the "Blackberry administrative service" I get all calendar entries which were done in the mailbox to the BES device.

any help is welcome.
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