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Default Re: Recent incoming messages STILL missing after restore

More emails have vanished from my handheld again. I checked Memory: Max Today and it says 0.0 KB Free. Not sure what's eating the memory like this. The Max Today memory usage breakdown is as follows:

BlackBerry 6.0.0 System: 198.8 MB
Options: 31.8 MB
Email Setup Application: 19.7 MB
Home Screen: 7.3 MB

The memory usage for Options and Email Setup Application seem ridiculously high, any idea what could cause that?

BTW, I mentioned that earlier emails (from August 4th through August 16th) were still on the handheld, and I now know why. Upon further investigation, I noticed via the View Folder menu option of the messages menu that I have four inboxes. One inbox contains emails after August 16th, one inbox contains emails on and before August 16th, and the other two are empty. The reason for this is that I recreated my email account on August 16th. So the scope of whatever problem is plaguing my poor blackberry is limited to the active/newest inbox (from August 4th through August 16th).

Could the previous low memory event have had lingering effects even after doing a restore? I would doubt that. Could some third party app be interfering somehow? The installed apps never bother the BB before. Is there any kind of easy test I could do, maybe some kind of event log to diagnose the problem?

From what I have read, there's no way to "import all messages less than 6 months old from Outlook" to the handheld if you use Blackberry Internet Server, but what about third party apps? Anyway, my main concern is to stop new emails from being deleted.

PS: Is there any kind of mechanism I can implement on the BB so that if memory is ever dangerously low, the BlackBerry turns off instead of poofing my inbox?

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