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Default Re: Elcomsoft breaks BB password by hacking encrypted media card

It doesn't really matter whether cloak-and-dagger types are hacks a single encrypted file so he can access your phone while your back is turned, or someone just goes after your BB with the card still inserted, hacks it, and gets while the gettin's good. It could be corporate espionage or law enforcement or your soon-to-be ex.

It all comes back to the same point: if someone simply acquires your blackberry - by whatever means - that has an encrypted data card or perhaps even just an encrypted file, then all your data, phone, and any BES access are all vulnerable to exploitation.

The only two safe options are to either not encrypt (and change your password if you leave any encrypted files behind) or use an annoyingly secure password (which lots of folks just won't).

The remarkably fool-proof BB protection of wiping of your phone after 10 failed tries (generally safe even with a short, easy password) no longer applies if you encrypt your data card. Regardless of semantics, this issue is a Big Deal and should get attention.

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