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Default Am I the only one? or is it crazy pills

Am I the only one who finds it extremely humorous that after 3 months of discussion on Cingular data charges and ways to use the BB as a modem, that there is still debate. Every single week someone comes up with a new theory on why you'll charged or why it doesn't work. Cingular (employees, supposedly), post things like..."wap.cingular is not included in UNL BB".

On this thread right here NEED REAL INFO

someone says that you need WIX pay per use to third party apps like google local and ramble.

Am I on crazy pills, that all this stuff has been covered and rehashed over and over again?

I set my stuff up in early December and never touched it again.

If I want to use my ramble or third party apps I make sure this is there
APN: wap.cingular
User Name: [email address]
Password: CINGULAR1

If I want to use it as a modem, I just plug it in and use the settings found in the FAQ. Here it is on page 5 of the FAQ, posted by Rhinton


Click Properties -> Advanced and add only ONE of the following Extra initialization commands with the appropriate carrier-specific APN Setting:

For Cingular:

Then on step 9 "Add a New Internet Connection"
1. Click Next

2. Select "Connect To The Internet" then Next

3. Select "Set up my connection manually" then Next

4. Select "Connect using a dial-up modem" then Next.

5. Check only the Standard Modem (if prompted).

6. Give the connection a name such as "BlackBerry Modem", then Next.

7. On the next screen, pick one of the following phone numbers, depending on your carrier: Cingular use *99#

8. Click Next.

9. On the next screen, pick one of the following, depending on your carrier:

....If you use Cingular:
.........Username: [email address]
.........Password: CINGULAR1

10. Clear all checkboxes ("Use...when anyone..." and "Make this the default...")

11. Click Finish

Once the the connection has been created, check the properties page, Networking Tab, Settings: make sure that "Enable Software Compression" is unchecked. I have not played with this much, but my settings are set under the TCP/IP properties > Advanced > General tab, "Use IP Header Compression" is checked.

Explanation for using the wap.cingular APN as opposed to the isp.cingular? According to the Cingular tech, there are three APN's that are available and provisioned on the GPRS network: 1) - used for connection and transport to the BES server. 2) wap.cingular - used for internet connections (browsing, etc.) from the Blackberry. 3) isp.cingular - used for all other services (Laptop Connect for example, which for unlimited service is $79.99!)

If you use the wap.cingular, it is tagged as WAP traffic, therfore billed as if the traffic originated from the browser of your Blackberry!

To be honest, I am not going to say I know the absolute truth. I just know my truth which is using the above settings thing have worked for me for the past three months and I have never been charged anything additional. I use ramble fairly often, and use my BB as a modem probably once a week.

Anyone not agree?

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