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Default Re: iPhone's new Siri vs. Vlingo Plus for BlackBerry?

Originally Posted by penguin3107 View Post
The two are similar in a sense that they accept voice input.
However, they are very different in the way they operate.

Vlingo will accept specific voice commands.

Siri is contextual, and will accept anything you say to it and it will interpret the request on its own. It understands intent, which makes it far more advanced than Vlingo. Basically, You can speak to it naturally, rather than sounding like a robot.
Well, the Vlingo description makes it sound like its contextual and understands intent - a 'la the examples I noted: "Text John; What's up?" or "find italian restaurants" or even "update Facebook; I'm on a boat!" Those three things are very different, and will require three very different apps to be invoked - and don't sound very "robot-ish", to me at least.

(Not arguing, just trying to understand.)

One thing I think will be crucial is how accurate the voice recognition is for each app - I have a bit of a background (years ago) and from what I can tell both are "speaker independent" vs. "speaker dependent" voice recognition, which is much harder to do accurately. I don't know for sure that they're speaker independent though. Speaker dependent would require a significant training exercise for each user before the app could be used though.
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