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Default Re: Deactivate Touchscren how ?

Originally Posted by ifonline View Post
Well, good luck. I still see this as making a mountain out of a molehill, not a "problem" that needs to be fixed. The 99xx is a touchscreen device. Stick with a non-touchscreen device or change the way you interact with the 99xx. Simple as that.
Well, This is a problem of me, and my expectations I have of a new BB. Until now all my hopes were fullfilled with every new generation of BB:
I got the same functionality as before +new things.
This time, I get more functionality but things I have learned do not work any more.

Maybe I am wrong in the assumption that the 9900 is a 9000 + new features. It rather is a completely new thing.

But from the first view it is a handheld which is the size and the appearence of a 9000 but, with touchscreen.

So even it might be boring to hear it again, why did RIM did not add an option to disable/enable the touchscreen with either an extra button or a key combination ? This is cheaper then producing two different devices and would have been easy to implement.
(uhh nobody from RIM is listening, I know that).

A device which forces you to use the touchscreen instead of giving you the option to use it will only reduce the customer base instead of attracting a broader range of customers.

But I will try out the suggestion of ZombieBerry, and if that helps - great.

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