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Default Re: Post your top Word Mole score

I'm at around 11,200, and I thought that was pretty good -- took a while to get to the 10,000 mark, and I've gotten "back" there a couple of times since. But there are a lot of things about the game I don't understand -- I just madly input words as quickly as I can. However, I've found that it tends to "punish" me for a good word. For example, the first time I use/put in a word that grants high points individually, it'll give me lots of points. If I EVER re-use that word again, the points are lower (and I'm not counting the "fruited" letters usage). For example, "rhetorically" the first time I used it gave me 118 points, the next time only 88. I used "environmentalists" (FINALLY got that one) for 270 points but I never have been able to get that one again. And I'm pretty sure I used "misunderstandings" once but it didn't give me 273 points, because "environmentalists" at 270 is still my highest single word. However, the time I got that one, and when I also got good scores with historically, methodically, masterfully, etc., it seems to time out faster and I usually end at just under 5,000 for the game in which I used the good point words. This could just be me and the way I play, but it seems fairly consistent that good, long, high-points words shut me down more quickly than the average words, just a lot of them.

I also don't see a particularly higher score for what might be considered an unusual word. Not that these are THAT unusual, but elegy, rhetoric, esoteric, anecdotal, martyr, etc., are not general, everyday words used in one's usual vocabulary. But WoMo doesn't seem to give them any "credit" for being more unusual than, say, stranger. If I try to put in something I consider REALLY unusual, it doesn't recognize the word anyway, so I rarely waste the time to bother with those -- e.g., it will take rhapsody but it won't take rhapsodies or rhapsodic or rhapsodically. And it drives me crazy for the verbs it will take in the present form, e.g., squirt, but it won't take the squirting or squirts. And why will it take windy but not minty?

We should start a new thread for a list of words it won't take . . . .

What is the advancing bar at the bottom? Is that your progression of the number of words found so far for that level compared to your top number of words found for that level?

I'm addicted to the game, but sometimes it seems I lose seconds just staring at the screen in disbelief that it won't take a particular word. And then it WILL take one that I thought I was just "testing" with. But I still keep playing. Just adding "'-ful" or "-fully" helps me frequently.

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