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Default Re: The market is piling on and it is changing my job somewhat

I think that RIM could very well hold it's own in the expanding market if it just addressed one or two simple issues.

The biggest of these is the memory of the phones, such as the Curve.

Sold as a smartphone to compete in a market awash with Androids and iphones that have excellent memory and that don't 'eat' their own memory, the BB is left lagging behind with such an obvious flaw. Having an Android which at this moment in time holding a constant 120MBs memory, and a BB Curve which in the last three weeks has 'eaten' over 20MBs of it's own memory, seeminly never to return no matter what steps I take, I can see why Androids, iphones etc are storming ahead.

Rim seem to have taken a phone designed for email, text, messaging and business use, then added Facebook, Twitter, AOl IM, Yahoo IM etc etc and pushed it into competing in a market that it's OS just plain can't cope with.

If RIM would only take the time to explore the memory leak problem and expand the memory then more would be inclined to move to/stay with BB....especially the ones who like me, prefer a phone with a keypad.

The second thing is the apps market. When one considers the thousands of apps available for iphone and Android, one can see why some, especially youngsters, would prefer to go to one of the competitors. Although I have to say that one point joins into the other.....more apps but not enough memory to install/use them.

Not knocking BB here cos I do love my Curve, but these are two issues, the memory being the main one, that does need addressing and sooner rather than later.

Ang x
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