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Default Re: Drunk RIM execs handcuffed to seats, force Air Canada to make emergency landi

Originally Posted by stevew View Post
Maybe they were the reason behind RIM's woes...LOL (We wish...)

@AragonNJ - RIM's still a major worldwide player, despite your best wishes, or have you forgotten how Microsoft bailed Apple from near death in the late 90's, only to become one of the most significant and by now, the richest technology company in recent years? You obviously have little clue of how the world works.

Do you actually have anything of value to add to this board or are you simply here to bash RIM? Here's a thought, congruent to your posts - why not put your money where your mouth is,dump your precious BB and go to another platform? Then you can troll the Droid or Apple sites...and we don't have to read your baseless sinking (RIM) ship posts!
Yes, RIM is still a big player in the third worldwide, unfortunately for them, many of these countries hate free speech and have begun clamping down on RIM's closed, secure system. Many are demanding access or they will be shut down.

Don't put RIM in the same category as Apple. Unless RIM has someone as brilliant as Steve Jobs on tap, they don't have a prayer of following Apple's comeback. And as long as RIM keeps their 2 clueless CEOs in charge, I can guarantee that will NEVER happen.

And I haven't used a BB in over a year and have no plans to do so ever again. I've seen the future and RIM isn't part of it.
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