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Default Re: Drunk RIM execs handcuffed to seats, force Air Canada to make emergency landi

Originally Posted by ArgonNJ View Post
I didn't make this up, simply commented on an existing post. Forums are for a free flow of information, the good, bad and the ugly. As long as it's on topic, I don't see a problem.
The problem is, in your case, that every post you've made here is bashing RIM and BlackBerry. This is a BlackBerry enthusiast site. Your behavior is typical of an internet troll, trying to stir up reactions. If you are not a troll, perhaps you are paid by a competitor to bash the brand and plant seeds of doubt among fans, as described here:
We're on to you - suspicions confirmed - Page 6 - BlackBerry Forums at

A few years back, I had a side job working for a viral marketing department of a sports entertainment company that you have all heard of. My job there was to cruise around on internet forums and message boards acting like a regular fan of the sport and talk trash about this companies competitors and also to attack anybody who I would find that would be talking trash about the company that I was working for.

It's all about planting seeds of doubt. And it is a very effective marketing tool. If you want to hurt your competition, this is the best way to do it. Hits them right where it hurts, by turning their own customers/potential customers against them.

Defamatory viral marketing is a HUGE industry now. When I was doing it, there was only a handful of companies offering these services. Now there are thousands. Which equals out to tens of thousands of viral marketing trolls flooding message boards and forums with nonsense. Each person doing this work will employ dozens or even hundreds of different screen names. Then each one person actually becomes a whole group of people all spreading the same stuff. It makes it look so much better and more believable.

Here I see a lot of the old "make a problem bigger than it is" routine. They see some real user making a post about something that isn't working right. More than likely a user error or something. But if it sounds bad, they'll send in dozens and dozens of screen names all saying they are experiencing the same thing. This makes it look like the product is junk when they do it over and over again. So Johny end user who comes along and reads the posts and doesn't know any better, will be swayed away from the product thinking it's garbage.

When in reality. There is no problem at all. It's all in creating the perception that there is a problem, and if you repeat it enough times. People automatically believe it.

RIM is under siege by this stuff right now. I see it clear as day.
This describes your behavior here to a "T". And guess what.... we are all sick of it.
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