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Default Re: Whoa! QNX delayed until late-2012

Originally Posted by ezrunner View Post
Atleast it is due to hardware availability and noy RIM not having OS ready.....I hope.
I'm not entirely comfortable with the whole "waiting on a better chipset" argument that RIM presented last night. I see software as RIM's weak spot, and my gut tells me that they are still having significant issues getting QNX to work like they think it should. Look at all the delays of the PlayBook, presumably based on software issues, including dropping BBM from OS 2 at launch (whenever that ends up being). No, I'm afraid this is an issue of RIM getting in over their head trying to shoehorn QNX onto their hardware and into their infrastructure.

Plus, doesn't it stand to reason that if RIM is talking of a late 2012 release of QNX phones, then the carriers will release even later than that due to field testing? All around this seems like yet another letdown by RIM. I'm not carrying my pitchfork calling for the windows at RIM to be shuttered, but I do feel like it's still going to get worse before it gets better.

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