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Default Re: AppWorld Outage

Interesting - thanks for the info that the carriers are supposed to support AppWorld. This is what I assumed, and why I called Rogers in the first place.

@fourstringfuror: 'Not in any way connected with RIMM [sic]'? LOL. Thanks for the insight.

Newsflash: RIM hosts AppWorld. On Oracle. And it wasn't working. On BOTH Rogers and Telus at the same time.

So even though the carriers are _supposed_ to provide support for AppWorld (which is what I assumed when I called Rogers), it wasn't THEIR fault it wasn't working. Convenient that RIM can hide behind their 'carrier' contracts, AND the lackeys on this forum rush to their defense. 'Go download some free apps'? That's supposed to pay for my client's and my time? Pathetic.

I'm just so very tired of RIM. After YEARS of supporting and promoting their technology, the moment I attempt to set up one my best client's with their latest effort in the PlayBook, it fails, and instead COSTS me and my client time (which = $).

I wouldn't have posted anything if I didn't still believe the technology was worthy. If we don't take RIM to task and tell them they need to just make it work, then who will?

If my experience not deserving of a rant, then nothing is.
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