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Default Re: 9650 on T-Mobile Data not working

5 letters: BBSAK

Black Berry Swiss Army Knife

I was able to totally uninstall DM v6 (with help of: Uninstall Tool v3)

and install DM v5...but get a load of this, it FORCED me to update the Applications Loader (I couldn't go any further! I think it's because the 9650 was on version 6 OS), where it looked similar to DM version 6! It would grey out the so called required things and I felt as if I was back on DM version 6!

I was going to shoot myself until I remembered 2 utility programs: CrackUtil (or something like that, I uninstalled it because it wouldn't work on Win7 or on my computer in general) and BBSAK.

I had downloaded the BBSAK because someone had mentioned it worked for them or something like that, but I never went into it futher until I hit the DM v6/v5 wall.

Basically, do all the steps as JSanders had mentioned and if you hit that wall as I did, just google and DL the BBSAK.

Also, FYI, you don't necessarily have to place the Tmobile service books into any particular folder at all. I had mine on the desktop (so I would find it easier) and just let the program browse for it later when you need it. I don't think that there is such a thing as Java folder or Shared folder anymore, which made me scratch my head but whatevers...that damned Daemon file is the main thing to get rid of and BBSAK does just that.

I don't MMS, so I don't know if that works but everything else works perfectly.

Just wanted to post this and to thank everyone that posted previous posts that helped me get my BB working, thank you once again!

P.S. Even though you may have thought the service books transfer trick from the an older (tmobile) blackberry and the new one would be the easiest thing, it's not because it doesn't work anymore and I tried everything...changing the devices (8800, 9700, etc), sending it, backing it up, doing the legacy thing, you name it, I must have tried like a dozen different ways...TMO's reps sent me their WHOLE file on what to do and it's useless, trust me. They only want to say to use Opera Mini and everyone single one of them wanted to make sure that their disclaimer of: "We do not support non-tmobile devices but will try to help by reading this file and act like we know what we are doing, even though we are labled BB specialists, and just tell you to use Opera Mini when all else fails and try to hang up on you ASAP."

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