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Default Re: Las Vegas CES Stuff

Originally Posted by juwaack68 View Post

RIM told us at BB World last May (that's 8 months ago) that the PlayBook was going to get native email 'in 60 days'. I wonder what calendar they are using.

I'll believe whatever they are saying when I see it. Tired of this 'it's coming' crap.
Look at how long it took to get BES 5.0 released. My running joke with BES 5.0 was that it was codenamed: Argon.
I asked the question at WES 2008: Isn't Argon a colorless, odorless gas that in large quantities can kill you? Doesn't that make BES 5.0 vaporware?

When we were told at BB World 2011 they would get native e-mail in 60 days, that meant they would START development in 60 days. No timeframe on actual completing it.... meh....
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