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Default Re: Leaked OS 9900

Observation/Issues/Problems I experienced with

- Strange install - kept my Apps and some settings, even though I chose to do no backup. In the past the OS install procedure did a "fresh install" with no apps and settings retained from the previous install. I installed using latest DM Bundle 38, and upgraded from firmware (and have done many successful other on

- OS installs and runs OK, but with a few problems:

- GPS did not work initially. All GPS apps Google Maps, built-in BB Maps, and the Device>Location Settings>Refresh showed incorrect GPS location. Always showed location 0.0.0 and "waiting for GPS." Reboots, battery pull did not fix. Only thing that resolved the issue: run Device Analyzer>Hardware>GPS. Now works OK. Had not seen this issue on any other install.

- UMA/WiFi calling is spotty. When it works it's solid. There are several issues with WiFi calling on my BB9900. I am able to associate fine with T-Mo UMA (evidence WiFi diagnostics panel). BUT...

1) WiFi reception range is very limited (short distance) before BB9900 and UMA/WiFi calling says that the access point is too far away. Maybe 25 feet from the AP (and through only one wood/drywall wall), the BB WiFi reception strength meter is on one dot, or zero (around -80dBM according to BB9900 WiFi diagnostics). However in the same location, iPADs and notebook computers have full bars for WiFi reception BB9900 seems to have poor WiFi reception sensitivity.

2) This sensitivity causes a limited range for using WiFi calling. The phone signals "too far away" and phone wants to switch back to 2G/3G. In my location 2G/3G reception is poor, so the phone constantly hunts back and forth between 2G and WiFi calling even though when I'm only 25 ft from WiFi access point. I have the phone network set to "WiFi preferred" and the hunting problem occurs when BB9900 WiFi diagnostics claim WiFi signal strength is down around -80dBM.

3) Phone mostly seems to handle the cell/WiFi switching OK, but takes a long time (20-60?) seconds to switch onto the new transmission carrier. Sometimes though it tries to hang on too long onto the WiFi/UMA carrier even when it claims it is in low range, and therefore seems to not let incoming calls through. Result: causing me to miss calls.

4) The WiFi calling gets confused at times...sometimes incoming callers never get through, they hear the phone rings 15+ times before switches to my voice mail. Also outgoing dialed calls seem to connect, but no sound is heard on my end.

Hope someone from Blackberry gets to read this, I like my BB9900 in general and hope WiFi calling gets debugged. UMA used to work fine on my previous BB9700.

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