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Default Re: Leaked OS 9900

Originally Posted by yahjoogooleh View Post
I mean with me personally a lot of these issues I have never experienced. I'm with ATT though but have you tried battery pulls and such? The only real issue I've experienced with this release is the media player issue with the muting. I've had horrible battery life but I've deleted wikitude and my battery life has greatly improved.
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My wireless operator is T-Mobile, which enables WiFi/UMA calling. Apparently AT&T does not support this service.

The main reason *for me personally* to switch from to is for WiFi calling only, since the previous leak worked OK for my use, with the exception of missing WiFi/UMA and Hotspot (which I don't use).

My new usage of WiFi/UMA calling points out an apparent weakness in the BB9900 that I hadn't noticed before...its WiFi reception sensitivity is poor compared to iPAD/iPOD/notebooks. According to diagnostics, it is about -20dBM signal strength lower than iPAD/iPOD/notebooks I've tested.

That lower sensitivity makes the UMA/WiFi want to "release" sooner than it ought to...because it "thinks" I'm out of WiFi range.

There is a another symptom with WiFi...the BB9900 has a hard time "letting go" of one access point to switch to another stronger signal access point. I see this when roaming my house which has 2 associated access points at opposite ends of the house. BB9900 normally grabs onto one AP which has strongest reception, but when I move far enough away it should "let go" when its signal reception is low and switch to the stronger AP. Yes, my AP frequencies and transmit strengths have been adjusted, and yes I've done a WiFi signal sweep to adjust optimal location and transmission strengths throughout the house.

It seems these issues interact with UMA calling at what I would think is only moderate distance from the AP (20-25 ft). WiFi wants to hang on to the AP but UMA wants to let go, and vice-versa. I suspect there is some tuning/adjustment needed in the hysteresis software loop used to hold onto and let go of WiFi and UMA. It might cause the problems I observe of missed calls.

When I'm right next to the AP (5-10 feet) then WiFi/UMA calling is rock solid.
I'll check a second BB9900 (my wife's) for similar WiFi/UMA performance in case it's a hardware/WiFi antenna issue, but I doubt it.

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