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Default Re: 9700 picked up a tower that caused a long distance call

Originally Posted by trickyone View Post
I made a couple of calls using my 9700 to the same number from my home, in fact within a few minutes of one another.
One call was routed through a local tower (about ten miles) in my area which was registered on my bill as a local call, (no charge) the other call managed to route through a tower over 19 miles away which caused long distance charges to my local calling area.

My provider reimbursed the charges after my questioning the charge and told me which tower it registered through.

I owned a phone at one time which was set up to tell me that a call was going to be long distance and whether I wanted to continue the call. It seemed it worked that way if I neglected to add a 1 before the area code

Is there a way to set up the 9700 to do the same?

If I try to call a contact by manually dialing and omitting the 1, the 9700 thinks it's being smart and adds the 1 and I don't get a warning such as "please wait while I connect this long distance call" or words to that effect. Which would give me time to hang up turn to face another wall or hang out the window or climb on the roof and try again.
Certain carriers have an intercept message advising you that you are about to place a long distance call. Rogers Wireless in Canada will send an intercept message if you do not use the "1" in front of the number (or "+1"), other carriers may do the saw if you don't use the long distance prefix or international prefix for your country.

With Rogers Wireless, when you call a number using an international prefix +country code-NPA-NXX-XXXX (ie +1-416-555-0100) it will be counted as a local call but will not count as a long distance call, however if +1-country code is omitted and just the NPA-NXX-XXXX is called, an intercept message will come across advising you are placing a long distance call.

Check with your carrier about intercept messages.

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