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Default Re: RIM's Lazaridis, Balsillie resign

Originally Posted by TBOLTRAM View Post
Originally Posted by TBOLTRAM
Eh, Apple had a change in leadership last year and I have not seen much in the way of change.

While you may not have caught the intended irony of my comment I do offer you the following items that Apple will have to deal with since the change in leadership:

1. Foxcom is becoming more of a liability to Apple and the other companies that use it due to the labor issues. Something is going to have change or else there may be a major bump in the supply chain.

2. Steve Jobs had a "kill Android even if it kills Apple" mentality. I wonder if this will continue or if some sort of compromise will be reached. You don't attack companies that supply quite a bit of the material you use in your own products without concern of a a major bump in the supply chain. Note that some of this is being played out in the courts of Europe and Apple has not been winning cases recently.

My comment referred to no change in how Apple is dealing with the two issues above.
Foxconn has labour issues that will most likely always remain in some way or another. You think 300 employees threatening to jump is a problem? They have 900,000 employees. Apple did also state they are going to be more aggressive on pressing companies within their supply chain to adhere to basic labour requirements.

As far as the future success, the one thing that's being toyed around is that RIM should license the BB10 OS to other companies like Samsung and HTC who only make Android phones. There's a big enough market to have 3 or 4 OS companies, and then 5-6 handset companies.

RIM can then focus on maybe 2 or 3 handsets they make (maybe just 2?) and put the rest of it on their core software services (OS, "built in house" apps and 'cloud' computing)

We'll see, there's a lot in the next 4-6 months I'm expecting.
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