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Default Re: Importing Calendar/Contacts From Bold 9900 To PlayBook?

Originally Posted by ZombieBerry View Post
Don't fall into the trap of thinking a security feature is a 'lack of functionality'. I'm in the SLS field as well, and it's sad how many people use that as an excuse to circumvent security measures that are in place for a very good reason.

Keeping a corporate directory private IS a good idea. No buts. The example you used doesn't apply.
I am sorry but being in the SLS field does not mean that you have my security level needs determined, with all due respect.

I am in the online services sector and my needs professionaly and personaly when it comes to security do not include google clouding my contacts and calendar for them to be potentially stolen if anyone hacks my google account. If not using a BES but BIS then how do I load my contacts in the native PIM? you ll tell me I do not need to and should use bridge....that is not workable and does not ensure anything to me. Both my bb and playbook are on me at all times, both are locked and security depends on how I might care for them not getting lost or not.

The argument you give is invalid in that sense. If I want to use my pb for email of the standards provided by the PIM (undoubtly higher than those of bridge), then you must admit the current setup is useless.

In the name of security we deprive the UI of the PIM from the current users? what about synching the bridge apps to the PIM just like bridge works? kind of localy "clouding" from my phone to the PIM... that would be secure but of course nobody talks about this, we just prefer to call it "security". I am sorry but I do not agree with you and RIM did make a huge mistake. you can call it lack of security, omission, or what have you, for me is clearly prioritising client segmentation for the time being and promoting cloud services and consumption of data on mobile carrier, simple as that. I want my data locally stored on my devices and then it should be up to me to handle my devices, this is my security setup since in my company the contacts are not even in the exchange server for that matter but are kep private localy in each person's device for legal matters.

In addition, does not the rest of documents and reports I store locally on the playbook constitute potential security breach issues when I have reports, contracts and partnership details or presentations with sensitive data stored in my device? why is that NOT an issue for you in terms of security? because to me it is, maybe moreso than contacts and calendar. Contacts and calendar have a responsibility and liability towards 3ed party but the rest of info deal with company strategy and sensitive data.....bridge does not resolve this now does it? but it would seem extravagant to ask for these docs to be stored on the phone right? because why would I need a tablet if that is the case?....

also, I have setup my email on the pb, thus some data contacts would be there anyway. I CHOSE to do that so I should be able to also CHOOSE to use bridge, as I could CHOOSE to manually import contacts on the pb and that would only make it harder for me and time consuming but it is not prohibited no is it? Unless it is from the company that issues the tablet to the employee for security reasons, but you see this is another setup of tech usage policy... so again your argument is invalid in my opinion or I would at least call it "selective" since it ignores the BIS professional use of bb phone with a playbook and yes we DO EXIST and yes we DO INVEST in RIM products but nos BES services, so why are we of a lesser fate or importance? that is the point, the current setup clearly sais that I am of less importance as client segment no more no less!

That said as the end user that has determined his security issues, I am telling you that this is just a decision from RIM that has nothing to do with my security, on the contrary, many people just uploaded their sensitive contact and calendar data on the possible public view of Google for the time being and this IS a security issue.....and with legal extensions in some countries in terms of handling personal information.

My work and life experience as well as my particular business and personla needs make your point void in my case, sorry!

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