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Default How well does snyc work? + Questions about BB

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I'm waiting on my aunts old BB to get here. Any ways I know its a Curve. What kind I got not clue.

Okay worst cace its a super old curve.

I asume they all can run BB os 5,6,7. Can they all run 7? Do they all have Wi-fi? With that does it matter the password encription?

Okay now I own a macbook running 10.7 and I installed the BB software. (Useless now yes)

But how well does the snyc from BB to Adress book and Ical? I need to keep emails, Birthdays and numbers.
Also what can snyc besides that?
I have an Ipod so I could care less about my itunes snycing with BB.

I was going to use evernote for snycing my notes but I need data \ wif I asume and that has nothing to do with Rim or BB its a third party app.
I have it on my mac and I use it for writing, I know theres an app in the app world.

Would I need to upgrade the 2gb micro sd card in it? I got a 4gb liying about. and I was planing on buying a 32gb micro sd. I got a deal for 2 for 1.

Also I see tons and tons of lame apps? Why do they exist? Just like a ton of unlocking your phone apps. They seem kind of useless. I seen them in the app store and its so disorganized.
Is it a rim problem? Seems a lot like the android store.

Sorry I'm sounding stupid, Just I never had a BB and I'm use to apples Iworld.
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