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Default Re: Jim Balsillie is leaving...

Let me be the first to say "magic bananas." Let's review the OP's "widely reported" info from the "excited states" shall we:
  • BOTH RIM executives are being kicked out - Not true. Neither Mike Lazaridis nor Jim Balsillie were "kicked out." Furthermore, they had planned to step down for quite a while and were working with the new CEO, Thorsten Heins, to make the transition as smooth as possible. In other words, the former CEOs stepped down. They weren't fired. They weren't kicked out.
  • Never in the history of modern corporations has such a promising company been so thoroughly F****D UP - Also not true. As mentioned earlier, there are several highly successful, modern companies that ran aground recently. RIM is not doing something new here. They aren't trailblazing a path of destruction like no one else before them. As a matter of fact, RIM is still chugging along with plenty of financial stability.

Beyond that, NJ was responding to a first-time poster that suggested what the OP wrote was basically correct, which is out of touch with reality. Of course, so was the OP's post. And yours.

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