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Default Re: New Bold charging for one night, I get up in the morning and BOLD NEVER GETS UP

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Originally Posted by helmobb View Post
Dear friends,

I recently bought a new blackberry bold and in the beginning it was working great.

Recently I left the phone to drain the battery and then I plugged to recharge. After recharge was complete, I removed the charger and suddenly the device was stuck. Completely stuck and was not accepting any input from keypad.

I removed the battery directly and after turning on the phone the red LED remained ON for about 15 seconds and came off !

After that the mobile started normally, and when it arrived at the main screen, the default theme (which I've always been using) disappeared. There was no wallpaper, in place of the wallpaper there is everything White.

The menu got strange as well, many icons are not shown, and the ones currently available are disposed at random.

Some places where no icons are there if I click (on touch) on those places, any random program may come up.

The thing is that some applications also changed the way they should be displayed on the mobile except games.

The games (if icon is located) they work pretty fine, nothing disturbing the screen.

I don't know what to do. I can receive calls and make ones as well, but the phone is too useless the way it is now.

I can't connect the phone on DESKTOP MANAGER after this problem came up. Desktop Manager simply does not detect anything nor the PIN.

I tried Master Reset (Factory Defaults), Hard & Soft as well. All went in vein.

The worst is that I couldnt backup the data that was on it as the PC was not recognizing the device.

Please see the attachments, if anyone can help me solve this puzzle I will be thankfull.

NB: Suggestions like : Remove battery and wait 30 seconds, do not work, I removed tons of times and even waited for hours and nothing.

I disassembled the phone completely and re-assembled and nothing.

Help me please !

It is considered bad manners to hijack another users thread, especially when your post has nothing to do with the original question.

You should have started a new thread. But since you are new, I will respond.

By draining the battery, you most likely damaged it. Lithium batteries do not like to be run down past 20% more than a few times.

Replace the battery with an OEM model made for your device.

What was the last thing you did before leaving it to drain the battery? Did you drop it or get it wet? It appears that you may also have water damage.

You may also need to wipe the device with Jl_cmdr (see the FAQ) and reinstall the OS (see the sticky at the top of the section for your model). Make sure you use an OS specifically for your device and follow our instructions exactly.
-->>BB FAQ

-->>Stinsonddog's Tip Site!


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