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Default Re: Playbook vs 'The New' iPad

Originally Posted by federgejzla View Post
Do not twist my words to justify lack of knowing what is actually in there. That is not what I said
Yes, it is what you said. I actually quoted you directly.

Originally Posted by federgejzla View Post
In the end, this is a BlackBerry forum for those who either "get it" or "want to get it". If you are neither, please don't post misinformation because you didn't care about getting informed in the first place.

As for 2.0, it adds more, including the native email with extraordinary functionality of its own. And that runs on the original PlayBook as well - no need to siphon more money into incremental hardware enhancements.
I don't know if you have noticed my join date or post count, but I have been here nearly 5 years longer than you and have a couple more (and more informative) posts than you. On top of that, I manage my company's entire mobile environment, which includes BlackBerry devices of all models, iPhones, Android's, Windows Mobile devices, all shapes and sizes of tablets, etc. So, to say I am not informed is probably the most ignorant comment I have seen on these forums in quiet a while.

Now to rebuttal your points. I can put iOS 5 on my iPad2, I didn't have to buy new hardware. I can sync pics I took with my iPhone to my iPad with iCloud. What slowdown does the cloud introduce? Just for your knowledge, you pair via Bluetooth. Bluetooth data transfer speeds max out at about 2.1 Mbits/sec, HSPA+ can peak data rates at 56 Mbits/sec. That is 28 times faster. So I would say uploading a pic to the cloud and back down to my iPad, would be a lot quicker than your limited Bluetooth connection. I don't have to have an extra data plan, I could just use WiFi if I wanted. But I have the option of using 3G or 4G on the iPad 3. An option that doesn't exist with the Playbook. I am glad the Playbook works for you, but to say that with OS1 it is "the best tablet from the beginning" is plain ignorant as well.
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