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Default A Message for The Admin Here (EVERYONE SHOULD READ)

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I was posting here on and asking for good general useful advice in a perfectly friendly tone. A handful of - shall we call them "members" here - decided that being really really unhelpful was the way to proceed, even going to such lengths that telling me that because I did not approve of some of RIM's policies that perhaps I should switch to another phone maker, and even becoming rude and insulting to me beyond that.

Seeing as how they were rude and insulting - not to mention completely unhelpful - it seemed that you allowed this to occur here on this forum, and as such I chose to tell these people what I thought of their obnoxious attitudes (no I did not use any foul language). Some of the worst offenders were people who had thousands of posts - were these admin people themselves???

Had I been able to, I would have closed the forum, but there was no such option. Instead I am guessing one of the useless people who posted on that thread was an admin in fact and as such their solution in their pro-RIM rabid fury was to act in a manner that can only be described as childish, immature, retarded, and overall a complete asshole. The long and short is that I was banned from this site under my previous ID.

To make this short - to whomever did that, you and yours are worthless pieces of shit, fukkwads, and I hope you get stabbed in your fukking eye socket and murdered by a random stranger, though I do hope you die slowly and painfully. May you rot in your own filth and may your pants fill with your own feces as you lay there bleeding to death so that passers-by only feel digested by your 300 pound fat-fukk blob laying there, as you reflect on your life and realize you blew it. May birds shit on you everywhere between now and then.

And for the record, I found answers to 100% of my questions ELSEWHERE.
You are a bunch of self-righteous fukkwits with way too much time on your hands. My all your relatives also die sudden deaths and your entire genetic line be wiped from the human race.

and p.s. this website is buggy as shit. But you probably knew that already and did not have time to fix it in between your furious masturbating. Oh and yes I have a million email accounts and I will just keep coming back and leaving message like this, so ban me as much as you want - LOL!!! :D

MESSAGE - next time don't be such a knee-jerk piece of shit.

fukk off and die.

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