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Default Re: blackberry programming?

interesting .... PlayBook Tablet OS is that open source like the android or closed source? Also is the blackberry os's /PlayBook Tablet OS based a particular linux distro or unix based distro like bsd...etc Or was it completely written from scratch.
I know RIM guys where some of the first smartphone makers so I am assuming it is closed source and completely written from scratch in the late 1999 ...etc though I am not completely sure they could have had a code base they based it on.

Android embedded devices os's = linux kernel open source
Microsoft embedded devices os's = windows closed source code
iphone embedded devices os's = ios based on BSD /system7 closed source code
Black berry embedded devices os's = ? (could be from scratch close source)
Most os's for embedded device are similar to there computer os's equivalent (probably used most of the same code with modifications to schedulers , ...etc)

But blackberry is a little different in that they don't have a computer equivalent os.
And going by the fact that those 4 companies produces probably about 95% of embedded devices for consumer use today blackberry for fun should release a free blackberry os distro for the x86/64 computers.
They don't have to release the source code if that don't want just a free iso version, emulator version...etc

Or maybe already somebody has extracted the os and ran it in a arm emulator duno would be nice just to play with there os
But I am rambleing

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