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Default Re: Playbook vs 'The New' iPad

Let's see here, we have RIM who has a recent history of going out for a few days or even 24hr's at a time, RIM's infrastructure down means no data and no emails coming through to the Blackberry. Now any decent company is going to have redundant email servers so if 1 goes down, the other comes up and nobody except the IT department knows the difference, if the BES is down, doesn't matter how many BES servers there are, it's not like you can just move a user to another one and off they go again with emails working. Our company develops apps for all the major tablet's and smartphone devices for our clients. multi billion $$ company and I'm in charge of the IT side of things as well as the budget. Like NJBlackBerry, I am not spending money where it's not needed. Our sales and marketing people have been more then happy with iPads and these people tried Android tablet's as well as I did. Nothing get's deployed out until I have tested it myself along with my teams and at least 2 execs. Then we sit down and talk about what we liked and what we didn't like about the devices.

Since switching people over to the iPads before the "new ipad" came out, not one single complaint has come in to the helpdesk. iTunes is not allowed on any company laptops and we lock the iPad's down to keep people from installing apps. There are 2 apps that are installed on them and they are ones that were written by our company for use on our company network. That includes the VPN software and file manager software. No need to update them for the "new ipad" because we're not rolling that out this year because it doesn't give us anything that we really need.

RIM is a sinking ship, playbook is/was an attempt to come try to compete with the tablet market and they lost in a major way. You need to open your eyes and see what's actually going on like the rest of us have who's been around for years with RIM and have defended them until we just couldn't do it anymore. I use the device that works for ME the best, we have options for the employee's to choose from and I'll be shutting down the last BES server by the end of the week since everyone will be on IOS.
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